Dogs Urgently Needing Loving Homes

July 20, 2020

Please also visit the Staffy rescue website at the following link for details of dogs in desperate need of loving homes

Jess and Mac (Male & Female)

Jess and Mac are two Staffordshire Bull Terriers who were found as strays and came into our care via the dog warden.  Jess is 6 years old whilst Mac is 4. They are inseparable and we will only rehome them together, as a pair.  Both dogs are very loving and affectionate and they do everything together.  They are well behaved and know all basic commands. Both dogs are fully vaccinated and Mac has been neutered. Jess was having a phantom pregnancy when she came to us, and will be spayed shortly to prevent a recurrence of this.

Soon after the dogs arrived, we noticed a lump on Mac’s side.  This has since been removed and Mac has made a good recovery.  His future owner needs to be aware that any lumps that may develop in the future will need to be removed quickly to prevent them developing into anything malignant.

Jess and Mac are a lovely pair of dogs who would make ideal family pets.  They are currently in a foster home and are waiting patiently for someone to offer them the loving permanent home that they deserve.  Any children in their new home should be over 8 years of age.

If you are interested in offering any of the dogs above a home, please phone Jackie, 01509 852164, for further details.

If you would like to enquire about giving a home to Jess and Mac Contact us