Cat Success Stories

February 6, 2019

Biba Rehomed 7 July 8

It’s been a long time since anyone loved little Biba, that was until she was rescued by AARU.

Called Biba by the volunteer driver who rescued her (because of her white bib, her coat was rather thick and greasy when she came to us.  It had obviously developed to help her survive the awful cold weather.  Now that she’s been rescued, she’s turning into a real beauty, though, no wonder she was snapped up and found a home where she will be loved.

Susie Rehomed 26 June

Susie, a cat with the perfect temperament is absolutely no trouble, good company, loving and sweet-natured, with a hint of mischief thrown in for good measure!

She is a special cat as she has Feline herpes, which affects cats with “flu-like symptoms for approximately 7 – 10 days during flare-ups, although the risk of flare-ups can be lessened by minimising stress and making sure the cat has enough to eat and drink etc. Thankfully she has a loving home where she can be looked after and her new owners understand her needs.

Balou Rehomed 20 June

Balou, a very laid back cat that he prefers to lie down.  Actually, a better description is probably that he sprawls.  So much so, in fact, that we think he may just be an expert feline yoga practioner. Now he can lay back all he likes is his new loving home.

Thomas Rehomed 6 May

Thomas has had a very tough life as a long-term stray, finding food where he could, trying to keep warm on those really freezing nights, when we all turned the heating up a few degrees. We don’t know how he managed but, despite all that, he has the most dignified, proud and gentle nature!

But thanks to us, he will no longer have to hunt for food or try and keep warm or dry, he’s now been rehomed.

Annie Rehome 1 May


That seems to be the constant expression on Little Orphan Annie’s sweet little face.

She was found by a postman all on her own, but now that surprised look is a happy look, thanks to AARU now she’s in a permanent loving home.

FELIX – Rehomed 6 April

Felix has been through the reverse of winning the lottery.  He used to have it all- a loving home and devoted owner and then disaster struck.   His owner became too ill to care for him and, just when Felix should be enjoying his retirement years, the rug was pulled from under his paws.  We took Felix into our care and found him a lovely new home.

ELLA – Rehomed 23 March 08

Ella was a very affectionate and lovely cat, although she was much happier own he own, not with other cats, she obviously wanted her owners total attention!

After sometime with us, Ella’s has finally got a new home where she can be loved, fussed and cared for the rest of her life.

Jenny Rehomed Feb 08

Jenny’s came to us all shy and nervous, but after loads of care, attention and fuss she made was snapped up and is now in a new loving home.

MONTY Rehomed Feb 08

Monty had been through rather a terrible time when he first came into our care. A long-term stray, he’d had to fend for himself and had picked up a nasty wound. He obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to help him and seemed to be surprised when we did.

COLE Rehomed Dec 07

Young King Cole is a merry young soul, and a merry young soul is he!

Sleek and beautifully black from tip to toe, Cole has stunningly vivid green eyes. He is also HUGE!

This extremely handsome 1 to 2 year old is one of the nicest boys you could ever hope to meet. Once he realises that you’re friendly and won’t harm him, he will lavish you with love. He adores being stroked, even when he’s eating, and enjoys sitting or lying next to people, content to simply be with them.


DAYNE Rehomed Dec 07

Dayne is a patient, friendly, easy-going cat – which is just as well as he has already waited such a very long time for a home of his own.

This handsome black boy takes everything in his stride. He has such a happy, loving personality and likes nothing better than a cuddle. Dayne is also a funny, playful chap, not to mention a very enthusiastic eater!

HENRY Rehomed Nov 07

At only 8 months old, Henry found himself Lost Somewhere.  Not too sure what to do next, he took up residence in some bushes and sat and waited for someone to take him home again.

 But no-one came and he sat under his bush, growing colder and hungrier and, if the truth be known, Henry was a little scared and confused.

He came to the Charity for help and for warmth and a comfy bed.

Now he has a loving permanent home thanks to Animal Accident Rescue Unit.


Rehomed Nov 07

These are Ella’s kittens. She was abandoned to bring up these little ones outside and on her own. Ella turned out to be a superb mum raising these beautiful kittens that are all in good homes now

BLAIZE Rehomed Nov 07

Blaize has come a long way since he first came into our care. He’s no longer the scared hissy kitty he was when he first came. He’s now quite a confident boy, racing around after my own cats, and playing with toys; feathers and little toy mice are among his favourite.

He has a cute habit of making little churrping noises before racing off to find someone to play with and can often be found carrying a bit of string off to his den.

He absolutely adores my other cats and will seek out their company, even going so far as trying to rub around them and lay with them.

AUSTIN Rehomed Nov 07

Smooooooth, suave and sophisticated he may look, but our Austin is actually a complete and utter daft softy. He’s fully prepared to shed any ounce of dignity he possesses in exchange for a love and a play.

When he first came to us, his feet were awfully sore and swollen. Our Cat Welfare Officer wondered whether he’d perhaps been dancing too much. (He”s the kind of cat you can imagine dancing away happily for hours at cat parties.) They’re fully healed now and he’s putting them to very good use by playing as much as he possibly can.

Austin is only about 4 years old and extremely loving. Another thing he loves is food. And boy, does he love his food!

SINATRA Rehomed Nov 07

I love a cat with chubby cheeks, and just look at that cute face!

“He’s an adorable cat, about 2 years old, very loving and playful. He’s white with brown/grey patches. In the photo he still looks a bit grubby, but he’s getting cleaner everyday. He had been straying for some time before finding his way into our care. When he arrived he had a rather nasty abscess on his neck caused by a cat bite to his chin. His abscess was drained and has now healed really well.

MALCOLM Rehomed Nov 07

Malcolm, a Most Magnificent Moggy. This charming neutered male had been straying  for a number of months and suffered the embarrassment of being mistaken for a heavily pregnant female!   People were kind enough to feed him but he had no home and was sleeping in a shed.  No life for a middle-aged fusspot.  You’ll notice Malcolm has a rotund tummy- he  also has a giant personality, a huge amount of love and affection, a large dose of hugability.  A Cuddle Monster of the Cat World!

LUCKY Rehomed Nov 07

Lucky by name – and now lucky by nature, this beautiful FIV cat now has a happy home for Christmas.

Lucky is huge, and I mean HUGE. He has an enormous head, loooooong whiskers and back feet that look like dinner plates – helped by the unusual fact that he actually has 6 toes on each foot! It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that he rather likes his grub.

This gentle giant was a stray and ended up in quite a bad state – covered in fleas and with a very nasty abscess on top of another, older abscess. His luck turned for the better when he came into our care and he has now completely recovered. I wish you could have seen Before and After pictures, as he looks like a completely different cat now, with bright eyes and beautifully shiny, soft fur.

BILLY Rehomed Nov 07

Take a good look at this beautiful boy, this friendly cat with a loving nature who absolutely adores people and wants to be everyone’s friend

Now imagine someone holding him tightly, then lighting a cigarette and pressing it hard against the tops of his paws.  Because that’s exactly what appears to have happened to this gentle, sweet-natured little soul.

Yet despite all that Billy’s been through, his love still shines out, and he has never lost his desire to be friends with people.

Thankfully Billy now has a lovely home in time for Christmas.

Bluebell Rehomed Nov 07

A tiny grey cat, sadly found as a stray at the age of about 18 year’s old. It’s inconceivable that this little cat wandered away from home.

There is a mark of indented fur round her neck, where there once was a collar. Her claws are newly clipped.

TIGGER Rehomed Nov 07
“The wonderful thing about Tiggers…is that Tiggers are wonderful things!”

Well, that’s certainly true of our wonderful Tigger.

Despite having been brutally shot in the back leg, which meant that he was absolutely terrified and in great pain when he first came to us, this lovely young 18 month old tabby boy has blossomed into an absolute sweetheart. Were so happy for him, now he has a purrrrrrfect new home.

TAYLOR Rehomed Nov 07

Isn’t she stunning!

I adore Taylor’s fosterer’s description of her as “Cleopatra eyes with a no nonsense attitude!”

Taylor is anything but shy. Although she’s very loving, friendly and playful, she certainly knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you when she doesn’t like something. (Sounds just like my own little cat!)

She’s a confident girl who knows her own mind, but is completely irresistible.

BUBBLE Rehomed Nov 07

Bubble is another of Ella’s kittens. She is 13 weeks old and is a lovely tabby coloured girl. She got her name because of her big eyes and big round belly. Although nervous of people when she first arrived, she’s quickly gaining in confidence. She likes to be stroked around her belly, and will roll over for a tummy tickle. She does tend to duck when you put your hand towards her, but she’s getting to know that we are not going to hurt her, and doesn’t duck nearly as much.

Chico  Rehomed Nov 07

Mr Chico Chubby Cheeks is fantastically friendly.

He absolutely adores people, even complete strangers, and loves to be fussed. Cuddles are one of his favourite things in the world and, to make things easier for you, he even has a white stripe of fur going down his tummy – a tickle line so you know where he wants to be tickled

KATIE Rehomed Nov 07

This little Katie is a real beauty – not just in looks, but also in character.  If you’re looking for a little fussbucket who genuinely enjoys people’s company, then this is the girl for you.

MEER Rehomed Nov 07

Meer is the most nervous of all of Ella’s kittens. She a lovely tabby girl with a cute little brown smudge on her nose. She is 13 weeks old, so there’s plenty of time for her to adapt and learn to trust us humans. In fact, she is already starting to trust us more, as she doesn’t run and hide when we walk in the room. We can actually go over to her and stroke her without her shooting for cover. She does duck and try and blend in with the background, but the more cuddles and stokes she gets, the quicker she’ll realise that it’s good to have cuddles.

SQUEEK Rehomed Nov 07

Squeek was a lovely 13 week old tabby boy. He’s one of Ella’s kittens and was raised by his mum in someone’s back garden. Despite his hard start in life, he’s extremely trusting of humans and, unlike his siblings, he demands cuddles.

He spent the first week with us being called a girl, because we were originally told there were 3 girls and 1 black boy. He did everything he could to tell us he was, in fact, a boy.

MELODY Rehomed Oct 07

“This is Melody. She’s an elderly lady, we think she may even be over 13, but she is in fantastic health. Her liver and kidneys are working perfectly, she doesn’t have any thyroid problems or diabetes. In fact, she’s as fit, if not fitter, than a much younger cat. Her only problem is that she has a delicate tummy, and can’t tolerate any other food apart from dry fish flavoured biscuits. She is happy to eat these, although she would much rather have your dinner off your plate if she can get half a chance!

Now this little old lady has a warm lap to sit on every night, thanks to Animal Accident Rescue unit.

STAR – Rehomed Oct 07

Star came into our care after we received a call from a concerned lady who thought Star had an injury to her tail as the end was hanging at a funny angle. Upon taking her to the vets we discovered that her tail injury was an old one, and she was in no discomfort from it. We found her microchip and attempted to contact Star’s owners, but, unfortunately, the contact information was out of date. After having advertised her as found and having no response. But now she has found a new loving home.

SMUDGE – Rehomed October

Some things are worth waiting for.  Take Smudge, for instance.  When she first came in to us she was terrified of everything.  It took quite a while for her to finally understand that she was safe in her foster home and that no one would hurt her.  However, with kindness, patience and love from her fosterer, Smudge has progressed amazingly well.  She has so much love to give, actually head buts you when she wants a fuss, and is often desperate for a warm lap to curl upon. So we are very happy now that she has that lap she longed for.

BEAUTY and DIGGER – Rehomed 13 October

BEAUTY. No other name would do justice to this sweet little black cat who has the most delicate fine features and a beautiful shiny coat. At approximately 12 months of age she has already raised her one surviving kitten, Digger (having been sadly left to survive on her own by her previous owners, who left her alone and pregnant, only being saved by a kindly neighbour).

ROSIE & LILLY – Rehomed on September 07

“Double the love and double the purrs, these two beautiful sisters are both 8 years old (from the same litter) and have been together all their lives.

Through no fault of their own they have found themselves homeless. As you can understand, it has been very traumatic for them both and they’re slowly coming to terms with the fact that they may have the chance of a loving new home.

BLOSSOMS – Rehomed on September

A flowery name for an exceptionally pretty cat. It’s really difficult to do her justice in a photo as her markings are so unusual, and her eyes so very gorgeously amber.

Although rather shy at first, she does quite enjoy being combed, and her lovely nature has made the whole of her foster family fall in love with her. Blossom’s hobbies include sleeping a lot and enjoying fishy food. She also seems to get along fine with the dog and other cats in her foster home.

Blossom’s fosterer has fallen in love with her and will now be keeping her permanently.

BISCUIT – Rehomed on September

When I saw this lovely big boy’s name, I imagined him to be golden brown in colour – but no, he’s actually beautifully sleek and black, with gorgeous yellow eyes. He got his name because he absolutely loves dry cat food biscuits – so much so, that he refuses to eat anything else!

Now Biscuit is yet another AARU success story as he settles into his new home.

OLIVER – Rehomed September

Remember when Oliver Twist asked for “more” in the Charles Dickens novel? Well, that’s exactly how our Oliver got his name. He’d like more too, please. More love, more fusses, more sitting on your lap – but mostly more food, to be honest! (He really, really loves his food.)

Now this handsome boy will get all the love and fuss he deserves in him new permanent home.


While browsing your success stories on your website, I discovered Banksy.

I am sure that you will be interested to know that he is living in a sanctuary with me on behalf of National Fox Welfare Society. During veterinary treatment for the neurological problems he was found to be completely deaf and so unable to be released.

He shares a large pen with Lucy, a blind vixen. He has grown into a magnificent animal and is much loved.

Best wishes,


Shy at first, Sooty takes a little while to get to know you (he spent some time behind the sofa when he first arrived at his foster home!), but is such a lovely, sweet boy when he finally relaxes and comes out of his shell. Once he’s used to you, he really enjoys a bit of a fuss, especially a tickle and a cuddle. His favourite hobbies are playing with catnip toys and sleeping on sunny windowsills. As you can see, Sooty is a very handsome black boy. What you can’t see is that he has stunning bright yellow eyes. Someone fell in love with Sooty and had space behind their sofa for a shy little boy to hide until he gained confidence, so now he has a lovely new forever home.

Successfully re-homed on  August 07


Do you love life? Can you find joy in everything? Could you overcome difficulties and disability with a smile? Because that’s exactly what Taffy has done. Taffy is one of the most loving little cats we’ve ever known. Despite having only one eye and a small problem with an occasionally runny nose, he loves life, loves food, loves everything. In fact, he probably loves you! (I’m almost certain he would if he met you. And I’m almost certain you wouldn’t be able to resist loving him too.) This most special of boys was soon re-homed. He is now living with little blind Angel Cat.Successfully re-homed on 13 August 07